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4 Reasons Land Investment is a Profit in Amtala City.

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An Overview of Amtala

Amtala is an area located within the jurisdiction of the Bishnupur police station in the South 24 Parganas district. It’s situated on the outskirts of Kolkata, which means it’s not right in the heart of the city but still close enough to be convenient. Recently, Amtala has been experiencing a significant increase in real estate development including land investment and booking apartments. This is because it offers residents all the modern comforts and amenities they need for comfortable living.

The main reason for this surge in real estate activity is the shortage of housing space in the metro areas of Kolkata. 

As more and more people are looking to buy homes, they’re exploring options outside the city, like Amtala. Additionally, Amtala is attracting attention because it’s more affordable.

Another factor contributing to Amtala’s growth is its improving connectivity. Better transportation links are making it easier for people to travel to and from the area.

Moreover, there are various upcoming infrastructure projects planned for Amtala like Amtala City. This makes it an even more attractive option for land investment. To have a secured future investment in plots seems to be a smart choice.

Remember, that land value always goes up.

land investment

Affordability: Key to Amtala’s Real Estate Growth

In 2024, the estimated population of Amtala is around 12,200, which is about 39.2% higher than the 2011 census count of 8,765 residents. This growth is partly due to the rise of office spaces in Amtala, attracting workers from Kolkata and Howrah. Many find it convenient to live here because of the increasing number of job opportunities.

Another factor contributing to Amtala’s population surge is its affordability compared to other areas. The reasonable prices of properties make them appealing to various demographics. The rising number of land investment, however, is making Amtala a desirable neighbourhood of Kolkata.

Current Property Rates

Currently, there are 113 properties listed for sale in Amtala, with prices starting at Rs. 555 per sqft. The average property price in Amtala is Rs. 3,720 per sqft. This is a short glimpse from Housing.com. This suggests that it can be a favourable time for property purchase and land investment. It is also good for reselling properties.

Understanding these trends is crucial for investors and potential buyers to make informed decisions about property in Amtala. Keeping an eye on these developments can help individuals determine the best timing for their property-related choices. So why not give Amtala City a try? Book a site visit now.

Booming Community Resources

land investment

Before making a land investment in a remote area, it’s crucial to consider the community resources available. In Amtala, you’ll find various important facilities like schools, hospitals, banks, and shopping centres.

For education, there are several schools nearby such as Udairampur Pallisree Sikshayatan, Central Model School, and St. Joseph’s Bright School. Additionally, Gurukul Vidya Mandir Secondary School, Vivekananda Mission School, Pailan World School, Pailan College of Management and Technology, and IIM Calcutta are within reach.

In terms of healthcare, Amtala offers several options including Amtala Rural Hospital, ESI Hospital, and Apollo Clinic.

When it comes to banking services, there’s no shortage either. Moreover, you’ll find convenient shopping options at places like Vishal Mega Mart, Style Bazaar, Regent Market, and Reliance Digital and Trends.

Overall, the social infrastructure in Amtala is well-developed, making it an attractive prospect for land investment.

Potential for Row Houses

In the past few years, India has seen a surge in tall buildings, but the charm of row houses is making a comeback. Originally introduced after independence, row houses offer benefits like efficient land use, easy maintenance, and flexibility for modifications.

And people of Kolkata love to reside in individual houses but building or possessing one can be challenging. To tackle this, we at Manafuli Group are reintroducing the concept through projects like Amtala City, offering row houses in Kolkata as a solution.

This development approach makes land investment more appealing, especially considering its moderate UDS (undivided share) and other advantages.

land investment

Connectivity: Attracting Factor for Residents

Amtala lies along NH 12, exclusively within the bounds of West Bengal. This highway stretches from Dalkhola in Uttar Dinajpur to Malda, connecting several significant areas along the way. You can catch an autorickshaw from Amtala to reach Baruipur and Budge Budge. The route of NH 12 traverses through key regions of Kolkata and its outskirts, including Barasat, Belgharia Expressway, Dankuni, Santragachi, Behala, Joka, Amtala, and Diamond Harbour.

Additionally, the proximity of Amtala to the Joka metro station holds promise for the area’s development. This closeness is anticipated to fuel the expansion of real estate ventures along the corridor.

As a result, property values in the vicinity are expected to escalate, bringing potential benefits to people interested in land investment and homeowners alike.

Is Amtala City Good for Land Investment?

The Amtala City project appears to be a promising choice for those looking for land investment, especially for middle-income families. It is conveniently located in close proximity to the Amtala bus stand, which is only 3.7 km away. This makes it easier for residents to access shops, malls, banks, medical services, and workplaces, which are all located in the main hub. In addition, the cost of living in Amtala is more affordable compared to other major areas in Kolkata. The home construction cost is lesser too if mindful of the strategies.

With plenty of plots available, it seems like the Amtala City project has the potential to accommodate its growing population, making land investment even more opportune.