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Row Houses in Kolkata on the Rise: A Quick Guide.

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While traditional bungalows remain attractive to many in Kolkata, the process of building one can be challenging. To address this issue, reputable developers are now offering structured projects after a long time. Manafuli Developers, for instance has a project called Amtala City, offering plots for row houses in Kolkata. But what are row houses, and why are they gaining importance?

Due to their unique characteristics and limited availability, they tend to sell quickly, even during slow market conditions. Therefore, investing in a row house is considered a wise decision.

What is Meant by Row Houses?

Row houses are also referred to as townhouses or terraced houses. They blend the perks of apartment living with the independence of a bungalow. These houses can vary in size and style, but they often have similar architectural features to maintain a cohesive look along the street. Hence the name.

Each house has its own front and back entrance but shares walls with neighbouring homes. Though they have separate stairways and exits, they are connected by common walls. Row houses are typically larger than apartments but smaller than bungalows or villas, offering a balanced living space.

Opportunities of Row Houses in Kolkata

Row houses are becoming a popular investment choice in West Bengal, particularly among people living in Kolkata. This is because they prefer comfortable living in a personalized space. Row houses in Kolkata offer just that, making them a good value-for-money option.

Here are some more benefits to living in row houses in Kolkata.

Efficient use of land

Kolkata is a densely populated city with limited space. Hence, the Amtala City project is situated on the outskirts of Kolkata at Amtala.

row houses in Kolkata

Row houses in Kolkata allow for efficient use of land by maximizing the number of homes in a given area. This means more people can live comfortably without spreading out too much, which is important in a crowded city.

Community living and privacy at the same time

Living in separate houses allows you to be close to your neighbours, making it easier to build relationships. On the other hand, each house has its own power, water, and parking. This fosters a sense of privacy, one of the characteristics of row houses.

However, there are shared spaces like parks, play areas, a party lawn, an amphitheatre, and other refreshment zones at Amtala City for everyone to enjoy.

Therefore, row houses in Kolkata can contribute to a supportive and cohesive neighbourhood.


As mentioned earlier, row houses are designed to make the most of space by sharing a wall between each unit. This benefits both the builder and the buyer. It keeps home construction costs easier for buyers, especially in tight spaces.

Row houses in Kolkata are a good option for people buying their first home because they offer more room for the same price as apartments and are cheaper than a villa.

Flexibility in modifications

Skilled builders ensure that making changes to these homes is straightforward. This flexibility allows homeowners to adapt their spaces to suit their evolving needs and preferences. Whether it’s adding extra rooms, creating an open-plan layout, or incorporating more amenities it is all hassle-free at minimum expense. So, for those seeking customization and versatility in their homes, row houses in Kolkata stand out as an ideal choice.

Security measures

One of the advantages of Amtala City is that it supports family safety. This is largely thanks to the gated community setup and the constant security measures in place.

The gated community ensures that only residents and authorized personnel have access. This keeps unwanted visitors out and preserves the privacy of families. Furthermore, the round-the-clock security adds to this sense of safety.

Overall, this characteristic aligns with the privacy policy of row houses. Hence, once again it’s proven that Amtala City holds the potential to develop row houses in Kolkata. And more new housing projects in Kolkata must promote this idea.

Final Words – Row Houses as a Good Investment

Row houses are a relatively new housing trend in India, particularly in the western and southern regions. They haven’t spread widely across the country yet but are gaining popularity. Since it has a bit of both – individual bungalows and flats – row houses are a good investment alternative.

In the city where people prefer individual houses over apartments, row houses in Kolkata seem to have a promising future. Especially, when the city has more available areas. Manafuli Developers is among such real estate companies focusing on residential plots with ample space for a fine row house project.

row houses in Kolkata