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What Makes Holiday Homes near the Ganges So Special?.

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These days, the idea of getting away from the monotonous routine is becoming increasingly popular. But as we think about vacations, organizing a lengthy trip can be challenging for most. People are getting busier and their tight schedules are limiting their time with friends and family members. The simplest solution to this is to have short weekend getaways. From Kolkata, various options for weekend getaways are available to holiday homes. The trip doesn’t need to be time-consuming but is away from the city’s hustle. There are now multiple locations that are very near to the city; some within the city too. 

How about a night’s stay near the river Ganga?

Now Build Your Own Holiday Home By The Ganges

Manafuli Ganga Villas premium plots for holiday homes are situated just by the Ganges in Burul. Approximately 35 km away from Kolkata, this offbeat spot can be explored in Budge Budge. It is located in the South 24 Parganas.

How to get here?

It won’t take you more than a couple of hours to drive to the plots of Manafuli Ganga Villas. The destination is approximately 27 km of distance from Joka. From Thakurpkur it is 28 km away. And if you take the Taratala route, it will be around 30 km. You can already get an idea of the travel convenience.

Assistance and Amenities of Holiday Homes by the Ganges?

The project offers quite a lot of assistance right from the beginning of purchasing your land, designing and constructing your villa, and landscaping your lawn. Additionally, it is a perfect place for family getaways. You can spend quality time on the common lawn or go fishing on the deck together. Also, kids’ play area, indoor play zone, and river-facing cafeteria are among the other amenities of the ongoing project.

There are, in fact, multiple other advantages to opting for the Ganga riverside holiday homes for your weekend relaxation –

Scenic beauty

Holiday homes on the riverbanks provide an opportunity to wake up to the soothing sound of the flowing river water. You can take blissful walks by the riverbanks or in the village surrounded by raw nature.

Unforgettable sunsets

Burul is well-known for its incredible sunsets over the Ganges. The changing hues of the sky to pink and orange give a truly magical experience. Therefore, choosing holiday homes close to the river guarantees you have a prime location. You can make memories to cherish for a longer time on a very short trip.

Enjoy the ferry ride

During the day, you can take ferry rides and explore the limits of the river. If passionate about photography you would surely be delighted to capture the panoramic view of the fishermen catching fish in the deep waters. 

Bonfire evenings

Not everybody prefers to be in the outdoors. In that case, you can gather around a bonfire and bond with your family, an ideal activity in the winter evenings. You can savor barbeque chicken in the fire or listen to relaxing music and have fruitful conversations.

Peaceful retreat from city life

It is a perfect place to take a break from the noise and chaos of the city if you are a nature admirer. You can spend your evenings stargazing away from the city lights in the clear sky of the riverside.

Such a stress-free ambiance would be really comforting for families seeking solace and respite from the fast-paced, urban environment.

Best time to visit?

By now, you have quite an idea that any time is the best time to spend at your own holiday home. Summers are good for lazy afternoons. However, if you want to experience the greenery, monsoon is the best time. Winters, on the other hand, can allow you to enjoy the warm bonfires. So, if you are thinking of a weekend family escapade, you won’t be disappointed after getting your dream plot in here.

Holiday homes near the Ganges in the Kolkata region is not just a place to stay; it’s an immersion into nature and spending quality time with your family and friends.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by; own your slice of paradise today.