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Industrial Plot Investment: How to Choose the Right Location.

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Investing in an industrial plot can be a lucrative venture. However, the success of such an investment largely depends on the location. Choosing the right location is crucial for maximizing returns and ensuring long-term growth.

Now there are some very common aspects of getting the right industrial plot location, such as –

  • proximity to major transport links like major highways, railways, ports, or airports
  • cost of industrial plot
  • infrastructure development in the surrounding area
  • proximity to the target market
  • safety and security of staff and industrial assets

The good news is that Magna Star Industrial and Logistics Park is suitable for anyone looking to invest in land in West Bengal. Situated on NH2, this industrial park of the Manafuli Group is only 3 km away from Singur Railway Station and 12 km from Dankuni Toll Plaza.

The cost of industrial plot is kept affordable to meet the needs of MSME. In terms of infrastructure, the project is very secure with high boundary walls, security cameras, and is a gated community. Each plot has an electric connection from a nearby WBSEDCL sub-station.

We are also committed to eco-friendly practices with a proposed common ETP and rainwater drainage systems.

There are more perks of Magna Star; to know more about it get in touch.

6 Commonly Ignored Parameters of The Right Industrial Plot Location

Potential investors and industrialists carefully consider the points mentioned above. However, there are other crucial factors to keep in mind when choosing an industrial plot in the right location.

1.    Understand Your Industry Needs

Different industries have different requirements. Before choosing an industrial plot location, understand what your industry needs. For example, manufacturing units might require access to raw materials and a robust transportation network. Smart warehousing on the other hand would require large spaces for sheds.

industrial plot

In both cases, Magna Star has the ideal industrial plots away from the city rush and more space for logistics.

Furthermore, there are tech companies that might prioritize proximity to a skilled workforce and reliable internet connectivity. The perfect location for an industrial plot, ideally commercial plots of land for these companies, is within the city.

2.    Availability of Utilities

Next, investors must ensure that the location has a reliable supply of essential utilities like electricity, water, and gas. Frequent power outages or water shortages can severely disrupt industrial activities. Thankfully, Magna Star is opportune in that sense.

Also, check for waste disposal facilities and environmental regulations in the area.

3.    Future Growth Potential

This is an important feature. Enthusiasts should invest in an industrial plot location that has growth potential.

Research the area’s economic development plans and trends. Look for signs of existing and upcoming projects or investments that could boost the local economy. A growing area can provide better business opportunities and higher returns on investment.

Fortunately, the industrial land placement of Magna Star in Dankuni extension is surrounded by factories that have the potential to network and grow.

industrial plot

4.    Competitive Landscape

Analyze the competitive landscape in the area. This is also a neglected industrial plot location feature where industrialists should understand the presence of competitors and complementary businesses.

Some competition can indicate a healthy market, too much of it might saturate the market and reduce profitability. Whereas, complementary businesses can create a business ecosystem that benefits all players.

5.    Quality of Life for Employees

Every factory and industry, small or big, or any workplace should think about the wellbeing of their workers and employees. Thoughtfully, Magna Star Industrial & Logistics Park is planning to construct staff quarters on one side of the project land. As our industrial plot is located on the outskirts of the Kolkata city, the employees with their families can use the quarters during their stay.

The well-being of your workforce contributes significantly to operational success. In fact, we also avail healthcare facilities and prioritize labour safety. One can also look for educational institutions and recreational amenities as per their convenience and priority.

A high quality of life enhances employee satisfaction, retention rates, and overall productivity.

6.    Supply Chain Synergies

For factories, supply chain, and warehousing, it is significant to assess the potential for supply chain synergies. It can be done by locating near suppliers, customers, or complementary industries.

Proximity to key stakeholders can streamline logistics, reduce lead times, and foster collaboration opportunities that enhance operational efficiency and market responsiveness.

Therefore, choosing the right location for your industrial plot investment requires careful consideration of various factors including expert guidance. Any hesitation or queries, feel free to contact us at Manafuli Group.

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You should remember, that a strategic location will not only enhance your operational efficiency but also ensure long-term profitability and growth.

So, invest wisely and your industrial plot investment can become a cornerstone of your business success.