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Vastu In Plot Purchase In Kolkata for New Residentials.

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Vastu for Value: Right Tips for Plot Purchase in Kolkata

When thinking of a residential plot purchase in Kolkata, considering Vastu is important. It is an ancient science about land and property that people often don’t bother to take into account.

Of course, it’s all about individual beliefs but one should know that Vastu is for the long-term peace of the residences and happiness in their homes. Vastu-compliant properties are believed to bring success, prosperity, and good health.

However, choosing the right plot matters a lot. It can have positive or negative energies based on a variety of factors. Even though it’s not common to consult a Vastu expert while making a plot purchase in Kolkata, it’s a good idea to follow Vastu guidelines for selecting a suitable one.

Essential Vastu Elements in Plot Purchase in Kolkata

At Manafuli Developers, we believe in seeking residential plots that adhere to Vastu principles, which is one of the factors shaping the home construction cost and giving elongated benefits. Such plots are designed and oriented to maximize positive energy flow, promote health, prosperity, and overall well-being for the inhabitants.

1.    Selecting plot shapes

When investing in a plot, it’s a good idea to think about whether its shape follows Vastu guidelines. Square plots are seen as the best choice, followed by rectangular ones. The most ideal residential plots have a shape that’s narrower at the entrance and wider at the rear.

Any other shapes like circular, triangular, and L-shaped plots should be avoided. It’s also crucial to inspect the corners of the land if the northeast corner has a cut

Plot Purchase in Kolkata

Sometimes, you might come across plots with missing corners or cuts at the edges. It’s generally advised not to purchase such plots under any circumstances. However, if it’s absolutely necessary, you may seek guidance from a Vastu expert for investing tips. Plots with cut corners are often regarded as unfavourable according to Vastu principles.

2.    Plot direction

One must also prioritize the direction while considering a residential plot purchase in Kolkata.

  • North-facing plots are seen as the most favourable, bringing peace and harmony to residents.
  • East-facing plots are also good choices as they allow in more light and energy.
  • West-facing ones are acceptable too. What to avoid are the south-facing plots.

3.    Surface of the plot

Another Vastu tip in buying land in new housing projects in Kolkata is to include the plot layout. Ideally, opt for flat land. However, if there are slopes, it’s beneficial if they incline towards the southwest or northeast.

Slopes towards the west might lead to family discord and health issues, so they’re best avoided. Valleys or depressions in the land should also be avoided as they’re considered unlucky.

Additionally, it’s advisable to steer clear of plots sandwiched between two large plots as they’re thought to bring financial difficulties.

4.    Plot location

It’s best to steer clear of the plot purchase in Kolkata which is extremely close to cemeteries or medical facilities. They’re believed to hold negative vibes and potential health risks.

Vastu says to avoid investing in properties where things like bridges, power poles, or buildings obstruct the sunlight from the north or east side. Alternatively, if there are obstructions on the west or south side, it may not be as concerning since they can block negative energies.

5.    Face of the plot

Make sure the entrance is positioned correctly. An ideal Vastu tip points that the face or the entrance should be towards the North or the Midwest direction. Plot purchase in Kolkata, however, with a west-facing entrance is believed to be unfavourable.

6.    Soil test

The type of soil also bothers in residential plot investment. Therefore, when selecting a piece of land for your home, keep a note of the soil colour and texture. While brown, red and yellow soil is recommended useful for farming and building homes, sandy or black soil is good to avoid.

According to the Vastu science, soil that is black or has a clayey texture retains water. This can cause moisture in construction which can lead to dampness. Rocky areas or sandy soil are also not ideal.

In summary, any plot purchase in Kolkata that is suitable for growing crops and herbs is appropriate for building purposes too. But, ignore areas with prickly bushes, rotten smell, or worms and other insects. All these Vastu factors indicate that the soil is either too hard or too loose. This tip suggests destructive energy.

Plot Purchase in Kolkata

We at Manafuli Developers have made plot purchase in Kolkata easier by addressing this demand. Residential plotted developments named Amtala City and Ganga Villas are some of the projects where buyers can find Vastu-compliant options.

Contact us if you want to learn more about them.

Vastu Compliant Residential Plots vs Constructed Flats and Houses

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural system that emphasizes harmony between humans and their environment through the design and layout of buildings. According to Vastu principles, both plots and constructed houses or flats can be made compliant. However, it’s generally easier to adhere to Vastu guidelines during the construction phase rather than after a structure is already built.

This is because already constructed bungalows and buildings don’t always allow for significant adjustments according to Vastu principles. On the flip side, when investing in plot purchase in Kolkata, there’s more flexibility to design layouts right from the beginning.

Expert Consultation

Now there are a lot more Vastu factors apart from the above-mentioned points regarding plot purchase in Kolkata. To know it all and transform your space into a harmonious living filled with positive energy, consider consulting Karunnah Dujari, a Vastu professional. She has a wealth of experience in this field and her astrological insights can provide you with clarity, guiding you through life’s complex paths with great precision.