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10 Best Picnic Spots in Kolkata for Quality Family Time.

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10 Best Picnic Spots in Kolkata for Quality Family Time

Taking a break with your family is crucial to escape the daily grind of a hectic city life. And picnic is one timeless way to create lasting memories. This is the reason we dropped this article listing the best picnic spots in Kolkata to help you have a good time, letting loose and enjoying yourself.

Also, a simple family getaway can do wonders to rejuvenate stressful careers.

When searching for family-friendly day trip spots in or around Kolkata, distance and safety are the primary essentials. Here are our top picks for the perfect picnic location in 2024.

Best picnic spots in Kolkata and Nearby

In need of a quick family outing in Kolkata weekend destination like the ones on this list can help you find moments of tranquillity and quality time.

1.    Alipore Zoological Gardens

Alipore Zoo can be labelled as the favourite picnic spot in Kolkata. This wildlife haven is a combination of both fun and learning. With a diverse bunch of creatures, neat lawns, and a peaceful atmosphere, the zoo is an awesome choice for family and friends to spend their entire day together.

2.    New Town Eco Park

Packed with attractions like the Bengal Village, Butterfly Garden, Japanese Garden, Seven Wonders, Tropical Rain Forest, Harinalaya, and more, it’s one of the best picnic spots in Kolkata. The park was created to give city dwellers a break from worries, offering a serene escape. Whether you’re strolling through gardens or boating on the lake, Eco Park guarantees a rich picnic experience.

3.    Victoria Memorial

If you prefer architectural beauty, you can take your family to Victoria Memorial in Maidan, Kolkata. The marble-built palace has a peaceful garden with floral gardens. The beauty elevates with a nearby lake. The best part is that you can visit the place any time of the year.

4.    Unique Garden

Now this is a picnic spot that not everybody knows about. Located near Madhyamgram, Unique Garden is a perfect getaway for kids as it has a dedicated play area and a pond. There is a catch though; it prioritizes privacy by accommodating only one group per day. So, for a quick family getaway, Unique Garden can provide a good ambience for picnicking with privacy.

5.    Science City

People in the city know that Science City offers a great educational experience with fun activities. But only a few are aware that it is also among the best picnic spots in Kolkata. The premise has a dedicated area with a kitchen space for this specific event. Just be aware to book for it in advance to avoid any disappointment.

6.    Nicco Park

Nothing can go wrong if you choose a water park for your weekend getaway. With amazing rides and water activities and adventures, Nicco Park is loved by people of all age groups. You can choose from a variety of food counters for lunch and snacks. For a family weekend getaway, it can give you an extremely chill vibe.

7.    Captain’s Bheri

Captain Bheri off the Bypass is a part of Kolkata’s vast wetlands. It is now on the verge of turning into an aquatic ecohub where you can chill by the water, enjoy the waterfall, explore the bird sanctuary, and do a lot more. Doubtful if many are acquainted with it, but the venue has secured the best picnic spots in Kolkata list.

No wonder you can explore a lot within the city, but sometimes we may prefer a short travel with family. To get more options for picnic spots near Kolkata, this brief list of 3 can be of good help.

8.    Burul

Best Picnic Spots in Kolkata

Burul is a lesser-known place on the outskirts of Kolkata that is nearly 35km. One side is the flowing Ganga River and the other side is covered by greenery. The open places are ideal for family picnicking. But out of all the spots if you seek plots of your own then Manafuli Ganga Villas is the right choice.

9.    Deulti

Not many people are aware of Deulti which is just 50km far from Kolkata but it is the best picnic spots in Kolkata. The serene environment comprises the Roopnarayan River, green paddy fields, and the abode of the renowned author, Late Sarat Chanda Chattopadhyay. Walking distance from the riverbank is the small village called Samtaber, where this period house is the peak attraction.

10.  Taki

Another destination packed with history on the periphery of the city is Taki. About 75km away, Taki features ancient ruins of Hindu temples, General Shankar Roychowdhury’s Adi Bari, Amrapali Garden, 3 centuries-old Jora Shib Mandir, etc. You can even witness the watersmeet of the Vasa and Ichamati rivers.

Final Thoughts

Kolkata has it all – rich culture, artsy vibes, iconic yellow cabs, and mouth-watering cuisine. But let’s face it, often we rush past the cultural heritage and the city’s green landscapes due to too much indulgence in our daily lives. However, these 10 best picnic spots in Kolkata just a hop away can be the solution for your family retreat.

Here’s the way to Manafuli Group, in case you want to have a quick peek into our services. And for more insightful articles, keep an eye on our regular blog updates.